Why You Shouldn’t Tolerate Hazing

Earlier this week Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, was called out by Jezebel for being kicked out of her sorority, Alpha Phi, during college for excessive hazing. Reports of hazing are always disturbing and dumbfounding to me, but this story was particularly creepy considering I was also an Alpha Phi at my school. From what I’ve read, I personally don’t believe she’s as innocent as she’s pretending to be. It’s highly unlikely that you (and a random friend?) would get kicked out of an organization for hazing just by writing an email to an alumni. Let’s get real here.


Thankfully I never experienced (or even heard about) any type of hazing from my sorority during my 4 years at the University of Oklahoma. Though I admittedly didn’t enjoy some aspects of Greek life mostly due the fact that I’m more introverted than most sorority girls (I mean hello, I’m a writer! We prefer solitude…and cats), I’m proud of the fact that nothing sketch ever happened to me or anyone I know. Sadly, there are a lot of Greek life members (both male and female) who can’t say that. I heard all kinds of stories about other houses, most of them frats. The guys tend to have worse hazing since the upperclassmen turn into weird ass, alpha male wolf packs. But as Mean Girls taught us all, girls can be just as cruel…but usually in a mentally degrading way rather than physical abuse. Either way, all of it is wrong and completely stupid.

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5 Amazing Products to Banish Dryness

Banish Dryness
Here are some of my fave products for getting rid of that cold weather dryness! I use the R&F Microdermabrasion paste to slough off dry skin and follow up with any one of the other products depending on my mood. They all work like a charm!